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Manuals; Spares Diagrams & Specs for Triton Woodworking Tools

Product Manuals, Spares & Specifications

Document Sample Most Triton product documents are available in a pdf format and can be downloaded from the list below. If there is no link alongside the product you are interested in please contact us where a hard copy can be ordered.

Spare Parts for Triton products can be ordered through this website by searching for Triton's part number for the part you are after. To help identify which part you are after please select the required product from the list below to download an exploded parts diagram, part descriptions and part numbers for that product.

  Product Name Manuals Spares Specifications
  1400W 1/2" Plunge Router(MOF001) MOF001 Manual PDF
(1.42 MB)
MOF001 Spares PDF
(200 KB)
MOF001 Specs PDF
(176 KB)
  18V Cordless Plunge Drill(TDA100) TDA100 Manual PDF
(774 KB)
TDA100 Spares PDF
(62 KB)
TDA100 Specs PDF
(131 KB)
  2400W 1/2" Router Plunge(TRA001) TRA001 Manual PDF
(689 KB)

TRA001 Video
(1.65 MB)
TGA001 Spares PDF
(43 KB)

TRA001 Spares PDF
(52 KB)
TRA001 Specs PDF
(153 KB)

TRA001 Specs PDF
(153 KB)
  Bevel Ripping Guide(BRA200) BRA200 Manual PDF
BRA200 Spares PDF
(32 KB)
  Biscuit Joiner(BJA300) BJA300 Manual PDF
(260 KB)

Biscuit Joiner Video
BJA300 Spares PDF
(40 KB)
  Blade Height Winder(WCA390) WCA390 Manual PDF
(223 KB)
WCA390 Spares PDF
(59 KB)
  Dust Bag(DCA100) DCA100 Manual PDF
(71.7 KB)
DCA100 Spares PDF
(46 KB)
  Dust Bag - Workcentre(DC250) DCA250 Manual PDF
(358 KB)
DCA250 Spares PDF
(46 KB)
  Dust Collector(DCA300)   DCA300 Spares PDF
(31 KB)
  Finger Jointer(FJA300) FJA300 Manual PDF
(420 KB)

Finger Jointer Video
FJA100 Spares PDF
(171 KB)
  Jigsaw Kit(AJA300) AJA300 Manual PDF
(239 KB)

Jigsaw Kit Video
AJA300 Spares PDF
(44 KB)
  Maxi - Sliding Extension Table(ETA300) ETA300 Manual PDF
(459 KB)

ETA300 Video
(2.02 MB)
ETA300 Spares PDF
(77 KB)
  Mini - Sliding Extension Table(ETA100) ETA100 Manual PDF
(780 KB)
ETA100 Spares PDF
(79 KB)
  Multi-Stand(MSA200) MSA200 Manual PDF

MSA200 Video File
(1.70 MB)

MSA200 Spares PDF
(33 KB)
MSA200 Specs Sheet PDF
  Planer Attachment Kit(EPA001) EPA001 Manual PDF
(742 KB)

Planer Attachment Kit Video
EPA001 Spares PDF
(74 KB)
  Powered Saw Table(PTA001) PTA001 Manual PDF
(2.83 MB)
PTA001 Spares PDF
(68 KB)
PTA001 Specs PDF
(135 KB)
  Precision 235mm Circular Saw(TSA001) TSA001 Manual PDF
(564 KB)

TSA001 Video
(1.68 MB)
TSA001 Spares PDF
(70 KB)
TSA001 Specs PDF
(137 KB)
  Premium Router Bits - Carbide Tipped     Router Bit Specification Sheets
  Random Orbital Sander(TROS) OSA001 Manual
OSA001 Spares PDF
(52 KB)

OSA001 Specs PDF
(112 KB)

  Retractable Wheel Kit(AWA200) AWA200 Manual PDF
(108 KB)
AWA200 Spares PDF
(29 KB)
  Router Kit(RKA001) RKA001 Manual PDF
(954 KB)
RKA001 Spares PDF
(135 KB)
  Router Mounting Plate(AJA150) AJA150 Manual PDF
(175 KB)
AJA150 Spares PDF
(34 KB)
  Router Stand(RSA300) RSA300 Manual PDF
(221 KB)
RSA300 Spares PDF
(32 KB)
RSA300 Specs PDF
(118 KB)
  Router Table(RTA300) AJA300 Manual PDF
(239 KB)

RSA300 Manual PDF
(221 KB)

RTA300 Manual PDF
(1.25 MB)

BJA300 Manual PDF
(260 KB)

Router Table Video
(3.31 MB)

Biscuit Joiner Video

Finger Jointer Video

Jigsaw Kit Video
BJA001 Spares PDF
(72 KB)

RTA300 Spares PDF
(92 KB)
RTA300 Specs PDF
( KB)
  Saw Slide Chassis Upgrade Kit(WCA400) WCA400 Manual PDF
(410 KB)
WCA400 Spares PDF
(65 KB)
  Saw Stabilising Bracket(ABA020)   ABA020 Spares PDF
(31 KB)
  Steel Cutter(SCA001) SCA001 Manual PDF
(920 KB)

Steel Cutter Video
SCA001 Spares PDF
(191 KB)
SCA001 Specs PDF
(132 KB)
  Superjaws(SJA200) SJA001 Manual PDF
(729 KB)

SJA200 Video
(3.08 MB)
SJA200 Spares PDF
(89 KB)
SJA200 Specs PDF
(132 KB)
  Wheel Kit(AWA100)   AWA100 Spares PDF
(50 KB)
  Wood Rack(WRA001)   WRA001 Spares PDF
(28 KB)
WRA001 Specs PDF
(112 KB)
  Workcentre 2000(WCA201) Workcentre Video
(3.62 MB)

MK3 Workcentre Manual- Test Cuts
MK3 Workcentre Manual- Assembly
MK3 Workcentre Manual- Crosscut
MK3 Workcentre Manual- Tablesaw
MK3 Workcentre - Spares Diagram
Planer Attachment Kit Video (2.1mb)
WCA201 Manual PDF
WCA201 Spares PDF
(144 KB)
WCA201 Specs PDF
(143 KB)

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